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Quality shows through

When it comes down on buying materials, there is one thing that’s even more important than the price... in fact, it's the quality.

Importing exotic tropical wood products is always a good way for many European companies to stay competitive in their field. Higher quality products and materials can help outclass the competition.
Unfortunately, the purchase of tropical timber based products in Asia is not as easy as it seems, as we and also many other European companies experienced firsthand.
It is often the lack of control and transparency in all relevant processes from purchasing of raw material to production and shipment which is vital for customers if they want to stay ahead.

MDK takes care of the quality assurance for you. With our office in Asia and a lot of competent quality personnel at key locations throughout Asia, we assure the communication and especially the control and provide you with plenty of transparency in the process.
In this way we protect you from misunderstandings due to poor communication, uncomfortable situation through lack of information, or even fraud, which especially occur more frequently in the large distance to Europe and the lack of control.

Quality Control

The quality is the most valuable aspect of the product. This is why MDK-Asia has a great urge for quality control.



If you want to learn more about our Quality-Controlling, check out our website for this specific process.

Quality Control